Vertical Mill Application in Cement Industry

Vertical mill is an ideal large grinding equipment, which is widely used in cement, power, chemical and non-metallic mining industries. Vertical mill combines crushing, drying, grinding and grade conveying with high production efficiency. It can mill bulk, granular and powdery material to powdery when necessary.

Based on the principle of the material bed to grind materials, vertical mill overcomes the defects of ball mill grinding mechanism with all the benefits like high grinding efficiency, low power consumption (20%~30% power saving than ball mill), high drying capability, large grinding material size allowance, simple grinding process, small footprint, low noise, low wear, long service life and easy to operate.

The roller body receives large force during operation, the match rate of contact surfaces between roller

sheet and roller body should be more than 90%. Because metal coordination does not have deformability, so any uneven force or improper maintenance will cause roller body wear, roller sheet cracks even fall off and downtime.

1. Wear repair of vertical mill grinding roller and grinding table liner

During operation, vertical mill grinding roller and grinding table liner will have wear problem due to any fit clearance. Besides, hot air and cement particles will constantly erode the fitting surface, thus causing groove formation and the impact between roller body and grinding table liner. More seriously, this will cause grinding table liner cracks even breakage, equipment damage, and especially reduction gears damage.

2. Wear repair of roller bearing housing

The assembling requirements of vertical mill roller bearing housing is very stringent. Generally, industries will use the assembling method of putting the bearing housing in dry ice for cooling. Any fit clearance between bearing and housing will affect its function, mainly causing bearing overheat even burning. Characterized by fast, simple and easy to operate, Micava technologies can finish on-site repair in many cases.

3. Reduction gears leakage repair

Vertical mill reduction gear leakage will affect equipment appearance, waste oil and cause big problems to equipment repair and maintenance. Micava fast-curing materials and rubber repair materials can achieve easy and efficient on-site repair without shut down equipment.





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