Pump Performance Improving Technology

As general machinery, pumps are widely used in various national economic fields. Because of corrosion, abrasion and cavitating erosion damage, surface of the pump casing and impeller may become rough and uneven. With the gradual increase of friction resistance coefficient, pump efficiency will be reduced and pump service life will be shorten. The pump also consumes many powers, according to the calculation of China General Machinery Industry Association, power consumption of water pumps occupy about 20% of generating capacity in China. Therefore, it is very important for industrial enterprises to improve pump efficiency.

People usually improve pump efficiency through the following ways: designing and manufacturing, selecting and using, integrated utilizing and technological transformation. But in production practice, it is hard to do all these jobs after equipments are installed. Pump selecting is important, ensuring the pump’s high efficiency operation is also an important approach. Based on our experience of pump application operation, we propose industries to achieve pump system energy saving comprehensive improvements through effective integration of various technological resources, to extend pump life cycle, realize pump’s long-term efficiency and eliminate the adverse impact of production, cost and labor caused by frequent replacement.

Micava Pump Performance Improving Technologies

Pump Efficiency Inspection

Through professional devices to inspect pump failures, we can solve operating diagnostic such as vibration, noise, leakage, hot condition of bearing, cavitation simultaneously, and to improving the operation environment. The system power saving rate is up to 60%, we also can save about 20% ~ 40% equipment maintenance cost, equipment lifetime extends by about 30% ~ 40%, reduce about 20% ~ 30% service time. Work efficiency will be significantly improved as well as the working environment.


Lower power consumption and maintenance cost;

Increase reliability;

Reduce CO2 emissions;

Frequency conversion technology

According to process requirements, frequency conversion technology can adjust motor power input frequency, change motor rotating speed, control motor input power through time-real monitoring of system operating parameters such as pressure, flow rate and temperature, which is an energy saving technology realizing the concept of “supplied is required”.

Micava frequency conversion technology is known as E-energy saving technology. Based on independent trials, it can improve motor efficiency with a rate of 15%~35%. The manufacture of the pump unit, motor, control unit will benefit a lot from E-energy saving technology.


Suitable for large-scale industrial equipments such as crusher, pelletizer machine and mixer as well as civil equipments such as escalator.

Coating protection

During pump operation, the flowing water in the pump is subject to friction from flow pass and pump impeller surface. Coupled with the effect of water viscosity, the energy pump consumed is mainly used for resisting the water surface flowing friction and vortex resistance. If the pump and impeller have a smooth surface, (It call hydraulic smooth surface), it means less surface resistance and less energy consumption. Pump flow surface and impeller, which have applied high polymer coating will form a hydraulic smooth surface, thus reducing pump internal turbulence, decreasing volume and hydraulic loss, reducing power consumption, lowering flow resistance loss, increasing pump hydraulic efficiency, mechanical efficiency and volume efficiency. Furthermore, polymer composite’s base is high-molecular polymer, which has the property of chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. Also the casting material has excellent wear and impact resistance, when the pump has contact and impact with fine particulate matters or bubbles, the coating will provide better wear and cavitation resistance protection.

Pump repair and maintenance

Production equipments are the machines that are directly involved in the production process or serve production by industries, including machinery, power equipment and conducting equipment. Production equipments also are the most important material production guarantee in socialized mass production. Only production equipments’ safe and continuous operation can constantly manufacture products, create profits and ensure industry development. However, due to the effects of operating level, operation environment, maintenance capability and natural disasters, production equipments are suffering from wear, corrosion and leakage problems. Therefore, equipments must receive systematic and detailed routing maintenance, prophylactic repair. Otherwise, the result will range from forced maintenance outage to disastrous consequences such as explosion, toxic material leakage, casualties and environment pollution.





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