Steel Ladles Monitoring Technology

Enterprises or society will suffer great losses due to any major accidents which were not discovered and handled in time. Therefore, safety control takes discovering potential troubles at an early period and solving them in time as important premise. To find potential troubles in time is difficult, we shall adopt advanced detecting methods as early as possible to make up our insufficiency in discovering potential troubles.

Risks of Ladle Breakout

The risk of a ladle breakout will always be present in steelmaking, with equipment damage and lost of production as the costly consequence. Your production and operation routines could minimize this risk, but the fact remains; as long as liquid steel is transported using ladles – breakouts will occur from time to time.

Besides the economical impact of a ladle breakout it is a very dangerous event and there is a potential risk of personnel injuries and lost of life. The steel ladles monitoring system is designed to help you to avoid this costly and dangerous situation.

Product Description

Steel ladles infrared monitoring of your steel ladles minimizes the risk of liquid steel breakout and maximizes your ladle refractory lifetime.

Product Feature

Ø  Breakout early warning

Early warn potentially dangerous ladle hot spots. Steel ladles monitoring system detects hot spots long before they are visible to the naked eye, thus allowing preventive actions to be taken long before a critical situation occurs.

Ø  Temperature trending

Steel ladles monitoring system can measure the ladle steel structure temperature distribution also presents the temperature evolution over time. This information is useful for the refractory maintenance personnel.

Ø  Ladle refractory lifetime

Steel ladles monitoring system allows ladle refractory lifetime to be maximized. A direct measurement of the ladle steel structure temperature when in use is likely to reflect the refractory status. Thus, as long as the temperature stays below a predefined value, the refractory should be safe to continue using.

Ø  Data mining

Steel ladles monitoring system contains a measurement results database to be used for evaluation purposes. This opens for a more precise ladle fleet management which avoids excess thermal loads on some ladle individuals and prolongs ladle refractory lifetime. Database mining is also useful in tracking down production actions detrimental to the ladle refractory.

Product Advantages

Ø  Steel ladles monitoring system is based on the thermal imaging technique, using infrared cameras. It is developed by metallurgists for metallurgy requires.

Ø  Steel ladles monitoring system uses TCP/IP and industry-standard protocols for data exchange between server, peripherals and external interfaces.

Ø  Steel ladles monitoring system is implemented on a dedicated Windows-based server and interacts with the users via a standard Web browser interface. Simple installation and maintenance.





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