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Micava International Corp. is a global innovation-driven company, headquartered in New York..Our core business are providing integrated solutions for environmental protection, industrial equipment management, and municipal infrastructure construction. We have spent a decade to keep improving our technical resources system and solutions to support our clients, and have established extensive strategic cooperation relationships with hundreds of well-known companies and organizations around the world to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions.

Our creative business model and marketing strategies are base on the current market demand. We operate as a trusted link between suppliers and customers in China market, and playing an important role to create the new business opportunities for our potential suppliers to expand their market, at the same time to meet our clients' needs.

China as the largest developing country is increasingly playing an important role in the global economy.There are many trades and investment opportunities for foreign companies. With our advantage of  well established client database, which including private owned companies, public companies, and governmental institute and agencies, we are moving forward to make a difference for China's economy growth.

  • Strategic

Cooperation on the basis of mutual trust is the prerequisite of development. Sharing the same goal, collaborators playing important roles in each field work jointly to achieve one mission with faith on each other. Without complete trust on both partners, cooperation is hard to be successful. In fact, any cooperation lacking of sincerity or trust is meaningless.

Cooperation can create enormous power in all social activities including economic activities. This advantage and the enhancement effect alone will successfully help achieve business objectives, obtain business values, and even further, establish harmony and coordinating development among individuals, groups and societies.

The spirit of cooperation stands for a business value. When this spirit or value is obtained, the effect is immeasurable for any business partners. This idea may appear abstract and invisible, but it does have significance and influence. The era calls for many spirits, and the spirit of cooperation will be always inexhaustible initiative force that promotes progress.

The purpose of Micava International is to establish reliable partnership with new business partners, which is based on our new cognition on global economy diversification development. We clearly realize that the world economy trend or overall business environment will not be affected by any single one. So that, we will positively practice cooperation and development guidelines at present and in the future. We are willing to establish sincere, mutual-trusted and sustainable partnership with relevant people, organizations, and governments.


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