1st line Dust Suppression Technology has been successfully applied to large mining roads

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Recently, 1st line technical team arrive to xi an, together with Northwest office of Micava International conduct field investigation in view of mining road hardening, dust control and slope erosion prevention,etc in Ji Dong Cement Group, adopts 1st line advanced & environmental dust suppression technology to local demonstrate to application on mining road, stockpile, etc dust. Meanwhile, put forward soil stabilization solution intend for mining surface hardening. Next , both parties will conduct more comprehensive cooperation in this key area.

The problem of road dust has always exists in many fields such as construction and mines, which is difficult to be effectively controlled. It will bring harm to environment and construction personnel health. At the same time, it is easy to cause road mud and affect construction equipment traffic.  

1st line technical team mainly focus on rock wall falling and road dust problem during mining process. According to road and soil condition at the site, spray 1st line dust suppressant on the slope, after spraying, the surface of treatment area is encrusted with a soft layer that is waterproof and dust-proof. Meanwhile, 1st line technical team applied tackifier dilution to spray rock wall intent to rock falling and rock wall beautification, and applied dust suppressant to do comparative construction. Both the two solutions reach to “over-the wall” after construction, which ensure rock cannot falling.

In addition, 1st line proposed apply soil stabilizer for construction intent to road bumps in the mining area. The technology takes ordinary soil as the road base material with high hardness and resistance to pressure, which ensures road convenience in mining area and will not cause damage to environment. Both parties have reached a consensus on this technology.

from a long time, 1st line launched a number of advanced technology ( entrust dust control, enzyme soil stability, construction road hardening) intend to dust control, soil stabilization,etc problem, provide green solution for highway, road, garden construction, etc area. This successful application on mining road and rock wall crushed stone, verify excellent performance of 1st line technology, conform to environmental requirement in the market and which plays an effective role in promoting domestic dust control.

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