Water-based oil-free lubrication and automatic trace amount spraying technology

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IRMCO advanced water-based lubricant and automatic trace spraying equipment is a brand-new metal forming lubrication technology, which is promoted in China by 1st Line Composites, Micava International Corporation and US ITIT Corporation. Until now, IRMCO has successfully replaced 200 million gallons of oil lubricating products in 32 countries and regions. This water-based cutting-edge technology uses synthetic extreme pressure polymer, which is the only patent technology in this aspect in worldwide. It will form a layer of tough lubrication film in mold surface during stamping process, solving molding problems especially for high strength steel. With automatic spraying equipment, trace amount spraying completes stamping workpiece efficiently. Characterized by small residual amount on workpiece surface and its non-toxic oil free properties, IRMCO can achieve welding without cleaning, no degreasing cleaning and mold protection demands for enterprises, realizing efficiency improvement, cost control, quality assurance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Earlier, upon the invitation of Changchun Huaxiang Car Muffler Company, 1st Line Composites technicians went to Changchun and discussed IRMCO’s benefits in oil-free production. IRMCO can fully optimize cleaning line, accelerate production process, reduce water consumption and excessive use of chemicals, reduce emissions of waste water treatment agent. At the beginning of the New Year, 1st Line Composites technicians went to Huaxiang to complete automatic spraying equipment installation, debugging and technical guidance, as well as tested and evaluated its production, welding, clean free, energy consumption & cost reduction, environment improvement performance. All test data were superior to existing technical standards. 1st Line and Huaxiang have achieved overall consensus in the introduction of water-based oil free production technology.

Recently, our water-based oil free lubricant and automatic trace spraying technology was successfully demonstrated in Yantai Tricyclic Lock Industry Group Limited. It is proved that automatic trace spraying technology can increase stroke times from original 42 strokes/min to the present 68 strokes/min, i.e. the production efficiency is increased by 60%. Meanwhile, it can prolong mould service life by 3 times and reduce mould maintenance time and cost with less lubricant usage and labor costs, which has been highly recognized by the leadership.

At present,IRMCO has been cooperated with domestic well-known large auto industry group such as the First Automobile Group, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Group and BYD Group. Also IRMCO has been widely used in auto wheel, automobile chassis, muffler, bumper elbow as well as metal stamping manufacturing, food machinery and stainless steel stamping. IRMCO has great potential in technical promotion and cost control for enterprises, its high efficiency value and cost value will get more and more attention in stamping process.

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