New Technology Symposium between Micava International, 1st Line & JIZHONG ENERGY XINGTAI MINING INDU

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Recently, invited by JIZHONG ENERGY XINGTAI MINING INDUSTRY GROUP, the business representatives and technical engineers of Shandong office of Micava International and 1st company come to XINGTAI MINING INDUSTRY GROUP, whose together discussed new technology programs, by the change of this communication, both parties further deepen cooperation on the principals of win-win cooperation and with advantages of their respective fields, jointly build a new development model of environmental protection and energy saving. XINGTAI MINING INDUSTRY GROUP subordinate to JIZHONG ENERGY, total assets of enterprise is more than ¥10 billion, has eight wholly owned subsidiaries, 7 subsidiary, has three mining area of shanxi, xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, main business is coal, chemical industry,etc. With continuous development of group, XINGTAI MINING INDUSTRY GROUP has been involved in several projects such as new energy, construction and tourism in recent years, which has become a diversified and cross-industry large state-owned enterprise. Recently, as the change of coal market pattern, XINGTAI MINING INDUSTRY GROUP put forward significant transformation strategy, in the resource consumption of the traditional extensive economic development is not conform to the current new situation of enterprises growth, therefore, it urgently need to introduce new technologies, promote transformation and achieve sustainable development. Since 2014, Micava and 1st company has cooperated with XINGTAI MINING INDUSTRY GROUP until now, including polymer composite materials, there has a number of equipment maintenance technology for a wide range of applications, which is the basis of this symposium. During the meeting, both parties deeply discuss around with new energy conservation environmental protection technologies on Micava & 1st line cutting-edge technology platform, which includes ultra-low temperature waste heat power generation, biological environmental fuel additives, mobile water treatment equipment, switch magnetic resistance motor,etc, all above techniques are based on the latest international scientific and technological achievements, has advanced, the characteristic, high added value and characteristics of sustainable development and prospects, which is the keys of Micava and 1st line cooperate with international scientific research institutions and manufacturers in China. For many years, 1st line company world blue company through its overseas platform, establish with more than 10countries around the world hundreds of scientific research institutions that different levels, different forms of cooperation, dedicated to integrate international cutting-edge technology and explore marketing work. This project will be one of contents of the project, which is now in the stage of technical analysis and demonstration.

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