Coal dust suppression technology assist coal mining enterprises new development

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Recently, The coal dust suppression technology introduced by Micava Corporation has conducted comprehensive testing work in Shanxi Jinmei Group and Shanxi Jinneng Group. This series is a patent charged particle chemical technology, on the basis of food-grade polymer material & surfactants, which is the only product can reduce underground and ground PM10, quartz powder, silica dust, etc inhalable dust. As a dust suppressant, can be easily added to the existing water spray system, compared with the foam system and water spray system, can respectively save 30% and 20% cost, formula with FDA approved safety materials, further ensure the safety of mine workers.

Building a “ safe, healthy and environmental friendly” mining system is an important part of coal industry development in the new period. During the real coal mining, will inevitably produce dust pollution, which is particularly serious in the underground mining, will affect worker healthy and equipment safe operation. If you cannot guarantee construction safety of underground operation, will cause greater production liability accident. Therefor, under current environmental protection and safe operation situation, more and more coal enterprises realized the importance of coal dust suppression’s importance in the whole production. However, traditional water mist spraying and foam covering dust reduction method is not ideal, which is difficult to effectively aggregate of coal dust in the air, so that cannot prevent coal dust spread. This coal dust suppression technology only need a small amount of original liquid mixed with plenty of water, can effectively change the surface tension of water molecules, increase wetting effect to fine coal dust, through it carried charged particles captured dust, which will significantly reduce coal dust, silica powder and quartz dust.
From research & development to the present, this coal dust suppression technology is mature and had been applied worldwide 30 years and used million gallons, assist many user effectively reduce the negative influence of coal dust. Seen from piratical data of this technology, the dust environment after applied this technology was lower than MSHA regulation standard, has high application value and wide market prospect, it can effectively improve domestic mining environment m greatly reduce accident loss.

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