A new “biological descaler”developed by the industrialization base of Micava initiatively come out

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Recently, technical team of the industrialization base of US Micava International Corporation, 1st Line Company,breaks through many technical difficulties and successfully develops a new “biological descaler”containing no phosphorus and hydrochloric acid. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and can be widely applied in many area. It will show more advantages when applied in industries with a higher environmental requirement,such as bio-pharmacy, food processing, etc.

During daily production process, scaling and blocking of pipe and equipment are common phenomena, and it is related to many factors, such as the temperature, pressure, pH and the concentration of calcium & magnesium ion of the solution. Scale adhering to the inner surface of pipe and equipment for a long time will lead to heat transfer deterioration, circulating pressure rise and vacuum degree reduction of machine set, which will affect the operation efficiency of equipment, bring potential safety risk, and result in huge economic loss. The most common method is acid cleaning which has a higher cleaning efficiency compared with mechanical method. However, during practical application, the solvent used by acid cleaning method will cause severe corrosion to the metal components of pipe and equipment, and the waste water discharge will cause pollution to environment.

How to remove the scale of equipment effectively, safely and environmentally becomes an important long-term subject of 1st Line Company. In order to support the research of new “biological descaler”, 1st Line technical team establishes many digital prediction models based on solubility product principle. Prediction makes the research quantification, and then they formulate and compound the descaler based on completely independent intelligent property, and finally developed the new “biological descaler”successfully which is non-toxic and biodegradable. Its raw material is bio-fermented natural renewable resource, and it contains no surfactant which is harmful to human and environment, and has a wide application.

Compared with the traditional methods which need a long downtime for cleaning and a large amount of product consumption, and can cause corrosion to pipe and equipment, the new “biological descaler”adopts unique surfactant technology, and can effectively remove scale and reduce downtime. It has a strong scale solubility which is 2.5 times higher than that of common detergent. It is not corrosive to pipe and equipment.

1st Line Company is an enterprise full of innovative spirit and technical strength. As the industrialization base and operation center of Micava International in China, 1st Line devotes itself to provide advanced integrated solution for the comprehensive cost management of equipment operation. Its core businesses cover five aspects including safety assurance, energy conservation, efficiency enhancement, environment protection and repair & maintenance. So far, it has provided high quality services for many enterprises including some Fortune Global 500 companies. According to the specialist from 1st Line technical team, the new “biological descaler”is a necessary choice for production enterprises to improve cleaning efficiency, guarantee the safety of pipe and equipment, and meet environmental discharge standard. This detergent is now entering industrialization stage and has been filed for patent.

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