Micava helps to promote the transition and upgrade of Jizhong Energy Group

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Lately, a specialist team from the industrialization base of Micava in China - Zibo 1st Line Company (hereafter referred to as 1st Line) is invited to Jizhong Energy Group Co., Ltd ( hereafter Jizhong Energy) to communicate how to use energy saving and environmental friendly advanced technologies in order to prompt the transition and upgrade of energy enterprises.

As early as two years ago, 1st Line and Jizhong Energy have established an in-depth cooperation on comprehensive equipment cost management system. The leaders from Jizhong Energy are satisfied with the operation status and effect of this system.

Since coal is the key business of Jizhong Energy, how to improve additional value of coal industry and create higher economic and social benefit are important issues that group leaders focus on. Under this situation, 1st Line specialists bring effective solutions for them - coal combustion enhancement technology. This technology uses biological additive to increase heat value of coal, improve coal combustion property, and reduce the emission of carbon, sulfur and other hazardous substances. It is added into coal before combustion to produce micro-explosion, which will split coal into smaller particles. This will not only improve coal combustion, but also reduce the consumption of coal. The two parties have conducted an on-site experiment, and the subsequent tests will continue in the future.

1st Line thinks highly of the courage of Jizhong Energy for its diversified operation strategy and transition & upgrade, and is willing to develop cooperation with Jizhong Energy in more fields, and 1st Lines odor control technology has aroused the interest of Jizhong Energy. The two parties have discussed the gas emission problems of a pharmaceutical company owned by Jizhong Energy.

After several days of talk, the two parties have reached an cooperative consensus on energy conservation, environment protection and other areas. Leaders from Jizhong Energy says :The coal industry situation at the moment is not optimistic. Therefore, we urgently need transition, and 1st Line team, as well as Micava team has provide a direction for our transition. This trip has laid a basis for the two parties for the future full-dimensional and integrated cooperation.

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