Micava International is Invited to the First Session of ‘Supply and Demand Matching Meeting of Soil

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At the beginning of August, the representatives from Marketing Department and R&D Department of Shandong Office of Micava International are invited to Weihai City to join the first session of ‘Supply and Demand Matching Meeting of Soil Treatment’. This meeting is hosted by China Council for Industrial Environmental Protection, and is co-organized by Ministry of Industry and Information technology of China, Ministry of Land and Resource of China, Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and many other organizations.

During the meeting, the specialists from the host organization make a detailed introduction about many soil treatment policies and technologies such as policy interpretation of “10-Chapter Soil Pollution Action Plan”and the current status of local management, the hazard of heavy metal pollution of soil, the soil pollution control PPP mode, etc., and make case explanation from technical aspect. For now, China attaches great importance to the technologies of soil treatment, and the demand is very huge for technologies and products that can effectively solve the pollution problems caused by heavy metal, chemical, petroleum, etc.

The meeting helps enterprise to know domestic policy and new technology, and build a exchange platform between industrial enterprise and many service companies such as comprehensive treatment of environment and soil, repair and testing institution, etc. Attending this meeting also help 1st Line Company to know more about the current status of soil treatment in China, technology and development direction so that it can lay a theoretical basis for 1st Line Company to further determine the future direction, introduce technology from overseas and make independently research. In the future, depending on the advantages of Micava International integration platform, 1st Line Company will actively participate in various activities relating to soil treatment demand and supply matching, and do its bit for environment and soil treatment of China.

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