Micava International and 1st Line Company is Invited to the Launching Ceremony of “Scientific and Te

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In order to deeply implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the Law on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, to assure the carryout of the ‘Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ strategy, and to accelerate the transformation and updating of the traditional industry so as to improve the science and technology content of products and core competence of enterprises, the Scientific and Technological Achievements of Hundreds of Universities Go to Grass Root Program is officially launched on 21 Nov which is under the support and instruction of Science and Technology Department of China (STDC), Education Department of China (EDC), China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPOC), and is jointly sponsored by Science and Technology Daily and National Technology Transfer Public Service Platform, undertook by Science and Technology digest and Beijing Guanheng Science and Technology Service Center. Hundreds of people including the leaders from STDC, EDC, CAST, SIPOC and Department of Science and Technology of many provinces and cities, supervisors of Technology Transfer Department of Scientific Institution and representatives of high-tech enterprises from China and many other countries attend this ceremony. The secretary of the Party Committee of Science and Technology Daily officiates the launching ceremony. The secretary and party members of Science and Technology Department and the president of Science and Technology Daily attend the ceremony and make a speech. Beside, Micava International and 1st Line Company have been invited to this activity.

According to the speech on the meeting made by Li Ping , the secretary as well as the party member of Science and Technology Department , after the official launch of the Science and Technology Go to Grass Roots program, many activities will be arranged in many cities. The activities mainly include policy preaching, expert forum, demonstration and roadshow of the technical achievements, program transfer, investment&business, achievement transformation, etc. Regarding the features of different area, many projects with high technical content, wider market prospect, better economic and social benefit are selected from the scientific achievements of hundreds of universities and institutions to transfer to the local enterprises, and they also arrange a on-site Q&A with specialists, carry on-site survey, etc., so that can deeply dig the demand of enterprises and find out the most suitable technical achievement for enterprise to transfer. By the means of innovative and scientific service, this activity aims at establishing a scientific service platform of complete industry chain including technology, project, capital, and incubation, as well as a new economic growth point. It is also an exploration of a new development mode that is scientific news media and scientific administrative department jointly push the transformation from scientific achievement to productivity.

For a long time, Micava International and 1st Line Company have devoted to help Chinese enterprises to realize industry and technology updating by integrating international cutting edge technologies. For more than ten years of effort, we have built a global solution database with ten thousands of technical resources, and gradually start to join with the demand of enterprises. So far, they have provided services for a variety of fields, such as energy, petroleum, mobile cars, metallurgy, cement, chemical engineering, coal, mine and pharmacy, etc., and provide powerful support for thousands of users for their technical updating, and make contribution to the efficiency, security, low energy consumption, environment production and low cost for enterprises. Therefore, we believe that the participation in scientific and technological achievement go to grass root will greatly improve the cooperation efficiency and technology transfer quality between Micava & 1st Line Company and users.

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