Micava International Has Been Invited by National Technology Transfer Public Service Platform to Do

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Micava International Has Been Invited by National Technology Transfer Public Service Platform to Do Corporation Research

Lately, Micava International has been invited by National Technology Transfer Public Service Platform (NTTPSP) to join a program to visit many enterprises in Wuan City for a research, and discuss many issues such as technical transformation and updating.

NTTPSP is a high end platform of national technology transfer, which is invested by Beijing Science Committee, built by Beijing Guanheng International Science Service Center, and operated by China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association according to the requirement of Several Opinions on Accelerate the Developmen of Science and Technology Service Industry and the Twelfth Five Year Plan of technology market to strengthen the transfer and transformation of technical achievement, promote the networking, informationization, internationalization and scale expansion of technical market. This platform is highly configured, and combines politics, industry, university, research and finance together.

For a long time period, by the research and evaluation of NTTPSP, it has been confirmed that the cutting edge technologies that owed by Micava International has high practical and promotional value in helping government and enterprises to achieve industry transformation and updating. Therefore, NTTPSP insists to invite Micava International to join this program. According to the plan, this program will last for 3 years via 80 cities. Nearly 100 scientific institutions and universities in China are invited to this program.

Wuan trip is the starting of this program, which is hosted by Wuan Science Bureau, aiming at making a survey and providing technology transfer for industrial enterprises in Wuan city. This trip involves five enterprises, which is Puyang Iron&Steel company, Huixin Iron&Steel company, Xinfeng cement company, Yinlong new energy company and Wuan Keli Group, which cover a wide range of industries, including traditional iron&steel, manufacturing and also high technology field such as synthetic natural gas and LTO battery.

During this period, the main leaders in charge of industry host a summing-up meeting. With the adjustment of economic structure of China, industries in Wuan will break the traditional industrial situation dominated by iron&steel, coking and cement industry, and will achieve the goal of overall updating based on the 13rd Five Year Plan. Therefore, the participating leaders expect to start a diversified and multi-level cooperation with Micava Internatioanl and NTTPSP to provide technical force for the economic development of Wuan city.

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