Micava International and Jizhong Energy Group have Updated Their Strategic Cooperation and Jointly

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In July 2007, a team from Micava Shandong office, comprised of the board chairman of 1st Line Company and managers in charge of Market Department and Technical Department, go to Jizhong Energy Group(JEG) for a 4-day visit. Before that, the two parties have had an excellent cooperation on technical optimization for equipment management, especially technologies like new clean coal, coal combustion and emission reduction, coal fine control, desulfurization, denitration and demercuration, etc., which meet the urgent need of JEG to technically transform and update. They expect to introduce and graft more 1st Line technologies to them by deeper and diversified cooperation with Micava International.

During this trip, Micava team from Shandong office visits many labs and branches of the JEG under the guide of leaders from JEG. At the same time, Micava team has provided many technical advice regarding the national ecological canyon program after on-site survey. It is listed as a major program of JEP, and it is large scale and with a high standard. With the objective of combination of environment protection with ecology, JEP is trying to build a natural eco-system which combines natural view with technology. For this purpose, the two parties have a deep communication regarding many aspects, such as road surface hardening for large parking lot, road base stabilization for a landscape avenue, intelligent rainwater harvesting system in the park, 3D landscape simulation design, reinforcement of steep slope of mountain, water treatment system and algae control, and they have reached an initial cooperative consensus on these aspects. For next step, they will realize the technology transfer by establishing a cooperation mechanism.

By a series of communication and discussion, the leaders from JEG think highly of the optimization project put forward by 1st Line specialists, and decide to carry out a test on the road surface hardening technology in the near future. At the same time, the two parties have made a overall plan to promote the new 1st Line technical system so as to drive the technical updating of neighboring cities and provinces by the radiation effect of JEP. With all-win principle, the two parties will eventually establish a normal and continuous cooperation mechanism on complementary advantages and technical resource sharing.

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