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Industrial heat exchanger equipment in a circulating water system will produce a large amount of scales from its daily operations. Those scales will affect heat exchanger performance, waste energy, and increase the operating cost. If water scale attaches to these devices for a long period of time, it is corrosive to materials due to the thermal expansion and contraction. Due to uneven force, there are serious impacts on the equipment operation safety, continuously increasing the risk of explosion. As statistics show that only one millimeter thick scale can consume additional 15% operation energy.


With China economic growth and industrial scale expansion, the equipment de-scaling and cleaning industry develop rapidly in a growth number of 20 billion RMB annually with a enormous market potential. In 2013, descaler industry gross output has more than 1500 billion RMB with steady growing tendency. If taking account of the city services industries, the total equipment de-scaling market gross output will be huge.


Overall, in China the number of descaler industry businesses is up to 40,000. There are around 10,0000cleaning agent and detergent manufacturers and distributors in the industry. In China, the research and development level of descaler market is uneven. There are a lot of cheap low-quality descalers sold in the market, which have a serious problem in safety, efficiency and environmental protection. In some cases, equipment corrosion and leakage always occur; even effluent emissions will cause serious environmental problems.


To solve the problems, Micava International Corp. cooperated with international advanced research institutions in 2008 to research and develop a safe, efficient, and environmental friendly descaler --1ST TECH. It is technically compatible with the metal and non-metallic. Its corrosion rate, scale solution rate and other key indicators are superior to the Chinese National Standards and International Standards. In 2009, Micava cooperated with Zibo 1st Line Composites Technologies Co., and authorized ZiBo 1st Line as the OEM manufacturer of 1ST TECH descaler. 1st Tech de-scaling technology has earned widespread acclaim from our clients. Currently, Micava International Corp. cooperated with Zibo 1st Line Composites Technologies Co. to make 1ST TECH descaler enter the global market, such as Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets.



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