Cooperation Opportunity

With the deepening of globalization, export has become an important way for many enterprises to expand the market and create revenue. However, some production enterprises have encountered difficulties, such as the raw materials are piled up in the origins and cannot reach the users, which wastes resources, and also affects the production and development of enterprises.

In response, as an American platform serving domestic companies since 2008, Micava International Corp will provide solutions and accelerate operation globally, including but not limited to China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Vietnam, South Korea, the Middle East and other global regions.

Under the current trend of global integration, we will take efforts and help those enterprises who have exportation needs. Micava’s platform will connect the piled raw materials to the users in needs, so as to realize resource sharing and optimal utilization with our full service support.

If you need more information or look for cooperation, please feel free to contact us. Micava International Corp. Will offer dedicated service to you and jointly promote the development of enterprises.