SDR Energy Generation Waste Conversion System
This Waste Conversion System, provides an All-In-One, On-Site Modular Sustainable Energy Generation Waste Conversion system, this energy generation nanotech systems, which incorporates mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological processes to decompose and convert most liquid and solid waste stream to usable products such as: Electricity, Hydrogen (H2), CH4, Diesel Fuel, Aviation Fuel, Heating Oil, Marine Fuel, Food Grade CO2, CxHy, High-grade Carbon, N2, O2, Organic Plant Nutrients, Regenerated Soil, Potable Water, Seawater Desalination, Saccharides, etc.

    ● Agricultural slurries and dry manures with sufficient available water/liquid content. 
    ● Other organic waste from livestock, poultry, pigs, etc., in liquid or dry form. 
    ● Wastewater treatment sludge and discharged water. 
    ● Food waste/household/supermarket unpacking and food processing residues, such as whey. 
    ● Landfill Leachate. 
    ● Anaerobic digester liquid produced by anaerobic decomposition. 
    ● Spoiled/inedible crops. 
    ● Others.
    ● Tire Shreds 
    ● Polyolifin based plastics such as PP, PE, LDPE, PS and general consumer packaging waste and residues from the manufacture of polymers. 
    ● Astro turf and carpets/textiles. 
    ● Oil sludge. 
    ● Slab and bitumen based waste. 
    ● Wastewater sludge and residues trapped in the screen. 
    ● Dry manure and animal manure waste such as chicken manure. 
    ● Medical waste and PPE. 
    ● Oil, grease and lubricants and fatty lumps recovered from sewer cleaning. 
    ● Marine oil (fuel oil from ships bilge tanks). 
    ● Biomass and spoiled/inedible crops. 
    ● Electronic/Electrical Waste. 
    ● Car shredding residue. 
    ● Automotive windshield PVB layer processing, as part of glass recycling. 
    ● Lead acid battery (complete) for lead recycling @ purity 99.8. 
    ● Others.
    ● dianUsable Output 
    ● Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Marine Fuel 
    ● Electricity 
    ● Heating Oil 
    ● CH4
    ● H2, gas generation at least 150kg/hr 
    ● CxHy 
    ● N2 
    ● O2 
    ● Food Grade CO2 
    ● Carbon Organic Plant Nutrients, High-grade Carbon, Potable Water 
    ● Others
In 2022, equipment supplier and Micava International Corporation established strategic cooperative relationship,and the first joint project is planned to be completed in China.

In view of this, through multiple rounds of negotiations, relevant parties of the project have confirmed that they would set up a Sino-US joint venture project with an annual processing capacity of 100,000 tons of scrap tires with Waste Conversion system in Jining Chemical Park, Shandong.

The project has a total investment of over 500 million RMB and will be equipped with 5 sets of SDR systems capable of processing 48 tons of waste tires per day. The output valuable products are steel, high-grade carbon black, high-purity fuel oil and hydrogen, food-grade CO2, carbon dioxide and electricity that could be connected on the grid.